Thank you for stopping by our web page to learn more about how to re-elect Republican James "Jase" Bolger our State Representative.

As a husband, father, and small-business owner, Representative Bolger has gone to work making jobs his top priority, and putting our families first. We need his common sense continuing to work for us in Lansing.


Noting his work to turn Michigan around and committing to a continued effort to push Michigan's resurgence forward, House Speaker Jase Bolger filed the required paperwork today for re-election to represent Michigan's 63rd District.

"We have made much progress getting our state on a course for success, but now is not the time to let up. That's why I'm again asking the residents of the 63rd District for the honor of sending me back to Lansing to continue to work for them," Bolger said. "Working on behalf of the families of our communities, we made the difficult but necessary decisions to turn the state's long-time budget deficit into a budget surplus. We have paid down debt and improved the jobs climate by restructuring taxes and are making Michigan a better place to provide jobs."

Bolger noted that when his colleagues elected him Speaker of the House in 2010, Michigan's unemployment rate was 13 percent and the state's budget deficit was $1.5 billion.

"Now, Michigan has a much lower unemployment rate at 9.3 percent due to the addition of at least 80,000 private-sector jobs, and the news headlines are asking what the Legislature will do with a nearly $500 million surplus. Through reforms and fiscal accountability, we've reduced the state's debt by $5.6 billion this past year alone," Bolger said. "But our work isn't done because too many Michiganders still aren't working and we still have too much debt from past overspending piled up for our kids and grandkids to deal with. We must continue to provide solutions to reduce the state's debt now."

A small businessman, husband and father, Bolger understands what is facing Michigan's families and job providers. He said his plan for a final term in the House would remain focused on making Michigan a better place to find a job by making Michigan a better place to provide a job. The House of Representatives, under Bolger's continuing leadership, also would work to reduce the state's long-term debt, find solutions to address Michigan's crumbling roads, and ensure that all children have a broad range of quality educational opportunities.

The 63rd District has changed slightly due to a constitutionally required redistricting review last year. Bolger is no stranger to the latest additions to the district, however, having served most of those areas as a Calhoun County commissioner.

"I'm committed to representing voters in my current district, becoming reacquainted with people from my previous county commission district and getting to know the Homer area as the newest welcome addition to the 63rd District."


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